There are a lot of baby casting calls online that claim to have the information to have your baby because a baby model. Be careful about these sites because a lot of them are not 100% legitimate. Read more about the red flags that you should look out for.

Warning Signs When Looking For Baby Casting Calls

1. Taking Out Your Wallet
The number one warning sign and red flag that you need to know when search for baby casting calls is that you should never ever have to pay for anything when submitting information. If you are buying certain information, on the other hand, like baby casting call information, that is a different story. You should never have to pay money to submit a photo. If you are looking for information, the internet is full of baby casting call information so please do your research first.

2. Asking For Too Much Information
If you are on a baby casting call site and it is asking for way too much information, you should have privacy concerns. Do not give out any financial information or sensitive information that can lead you to identity theft in the future. Keep that information held closely unless you are willing to give it away.

3. Not All Baby Contests Are Legit
There are a lot of baby contests out there that claim you can win thousands of dollars if your baby is the cutest. Of course you think you baby is the cutest and will win the contest. But carefully read the fine print before you submit any photos. Most likely those photos will become property of that website owner as you have agreed to it because you submitted it. Then they can do whatever they want with that photo and even sell if without your consent. So it’s important to read the find print.

When looking for baby casting calls, please look out for these top three red flags out there. The last thing you want to do is get ripped-off, or do not get any royalties for having your baby’s photo out there somewhere because you entered in a baby photo contest.

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