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Posted on 12 December 2010

See a list of Boston casting calls below. We will also go through how to mask that wicked strong Boston accent when you apply for casting calls. Keep reading to find out more.

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Boston Casting Calls in Massachusetts
Boston has the majority of casting calls in acting, modeling, and dancers available. In order to tap into this market, you will need to know where the Boston casting calls are coming from. Your inside source is to sign up for a list of current casting calls and auditions and check off which ones you are interested in. This is an on-going task and can take a majority of your day if you lined up casting calls one after another. You can be the first to know about casting calls in the Boston area and attend them while others are still searching for them. This can give you an advantage when you can make valuable connections with casting directors and casting agents.

While attending these casting calls in Boston, some of the roles involved will need you to lose that heavy Boston accent if the character is not from Massachusetts. This is often the case if you have a very wicked strong Boston accent. You can learn how to mask that Boston accent while you are in the actual casting call. It can be very difficult if you have been born and bred in Boston for you to lose that accent. The trick is to find the letter R and use it regularly. Having a neutral and non-regional accent can help you land more acting gigs and expand your range of experience.

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Do not get typecast in roles because of your Boston accent. You must learn how to target “R” controlled vowels and learn how to switch your accent off and on. Learning how to dictate and using listening activities will help you drop this accent. Try taping yourself and listening to how you speak. Tape yourself before you start these exercises and try again after a few weeks. You will see a noticeable change and know exactly what you need to alter to mask your Boston accent. This can help you expand your range of Boston casting calls that you will be attending.

Good luck with your search of Boston casting calls and you can get a head start on doing this by using the links in this article. This will allow you to get one step ahead of the rest of the crowd in Boston.

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