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Posted on 23 January 2011

Find casting calls in Florida no matter if you live in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa or even Fort Lauderdale. Florida has a lot of casting calls for models and is a hub for many types of auditions. Read more about casting calls in Florida and how to land them.

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What Kinds Of Casting Calls Are In Florida?
If you are in Florida, you may be looking for casting calls to show off your talent and get paid for it at the same time. There are a lot of gorgeous women in Florida and they is why a good number of casting calls in Florida are around the area of modeling. Many of the advertisements you see on TV commercials and on print and magazines are from models in Florida. Florida boasts some of the most attractive men and women who are in shape, tanned, and physically attractive. That makes for the best models for advertisements for clothes, fragrances, and other apparel.

If you are not into modeling, there are plenty of casting calls in Florida that are in the music industry. This is the next highest industry that has the most talent in Florida. There are a lot of mainstream artists and musicians who go their start with auditions in Florida. For example, the rapper and hip-hop artist name Flo-rida, even uses the name of the state he is from. He uses it as a play on words like flow rider and uses the name Florida because that is where he is from. The music industry is big in Florida and you will no doubt find casting calls in Florida about music videos, musical talent with singers, backup dancers, and instrument players. If you are a dancer, you can find many auditions because of the size of the demand.

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If acting is your forte, you can be sure there are plenty of movies and TV shows being filmed in Florida. That means that there is a lot of work needed in the production of these types of media. Even film crew will be needed because some studios like to hire local talent as they know the area better and know how to work certain equipment. Keep this in mind when searching for casting calls in Atlanta.

Even a lot of colleges and Universities need talent to fill certain roles. If you are enrolled in school and attending any one of these colleges, be sure to enroll in their drama and performing arts classes: University of Florida, Florida State University; and even private universities like University of Miami and University of Tampa. Being in these acting classes can expand your experience and you will meet a lot of people with similar interests.

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