Casting Calls in Louisiana | Where To Find Modeling and Acting Auditions

Posted on 13 December 2010

Find casting calls in Louisiana whether or not you live in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Bossier City, Lafayette, Lake Charles, New Orleans, or Shreveport. Keep reading to find out how to get auditions and casting calls in Louisiana.

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What Kind Of Casting Calls Are in Louisiana?
Depending on what your forte is, you may want to pursue modeling casting calls or acting casting calls in Louisiana. If you are in the middle, you could focus on just one and go after it to the full extent. When you get invited to a casting call in Louisiana, the first thing you want to do is some research on the company or studio. Just like an interview, a casting call will require you to know a bit about the studio where you are auditioning at. From there, you can learn more about the casting directors and find out what they are looking for. Usually casting directors will stick to a certain way that they cast and audition people who are interested. You can figure out how they do this by learning about them and their background.

Also before showing up to the casting call in Louisiana, make sure that you already have a professional black and white headshot that shows your best side. Note that the casting directors will usually paperclip their notes to your headshot photo and then decide on a later time who to go with. Your casting call photo can determine whether or not you get casted in that lead role.

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When you attend the casting call in Louisiana, first find out what kind of role you are auditioning for. If it is looking for a neutral and non-region specific character, then you will have to learn how to mask your Louisiana accent. If you do have a strong Southern accent, you can take classes to try and control it while you are in casting calls. Perhaps the role you are auditioning for is for someone with a southern accent. But note that you do not only want to get typecast in that role over and over again. This will limit the number of roles you can play in the future. Keep this in mind when looking for casting calls in Louisiana.

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