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Posted on 08 January 2011

All the current casting calls in Virginia are listed below and is updated regularly, If you are from the Old Dominion or Mother of Presidents, you can find open auditions whether or not you are looking for acting in film, movies, TV, or even if you are a dancer. There is a casting call for every talent available. Keep reading to find out more about casting calls in Virginia.

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How To Get Casting Calls in Virginia
Here are a list of some of the casting calls that are current as of right now in Virginia: Looking for Models (req: 580255), Film Crew Needed (req: 58424), Audition for Music Video (req: 457246), and Major Film Sequel Casting (req: 579000). This is just a sample of the casting calls available today in Virginia and is only a fraction of what can be available.

If you are near Vienna, you know that there is the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts. This park is unique as it is a national park and it is intended to be used as a performing arts center. The performing arts part was because the generous donation from Catherine Filene Shouse. The Filene Center is where the venue can house 7,000 people and a lot of musical events are held here. It is common to see country music and opera music playing from this arena. Because of the vicinity of this performing arts place in Virginia, there is always a need for talent needed to either perform or help set up and break down the show. Even dancers can perform in the Filene Center, depending what is booked. There is also a amphitheater called The Barns at Wolf Trap and a smaller indoor venue: Wolf Trap Opera Company. These performing arts is a hub for a lot of talent in Virginia and a source of casting calls in Virginia.

Full List of Updated Casting Calls in Virginia

Also if you are in Norfolk and Abingdon, there is also the Harrison Opera House and the Barter Theatre. Virginia is popular for a lot of award winning musical talents, music arts, and several Hollywood actors. For example, David Arquette, Chris Brown, Sandra Bullock, and Wayne Newton are all from Virginia. There are a lot of actors, actresses, and musical talent who all started with a casting call in Virginia. Imagine performing in The Birchmere, Landmark Theater, or Jiffy Lube Live. It all started when these ordinary people decided to take a chance in life. Either they went to the audition that they found or decided to become an actor. It all starts with a commitment and having perseverance in life. Keep this in mind as you are hunting for casting calls in Virginia.

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