Disney Casting Calls | Which Kind of Disney Audition Are You Looking For?

Posted on 10 January 2011

Before you start your hunt of Disney casting calls, you have to know that there are a plethora of different kinds of Disney casting calls out there. In fact, these three different types can determine your success of landing an audition. Keep reading more about Disney casting calls.

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Different Kinds of Disney Casting Calls
Depending on what kind of role that you want to fill, you need to know what kind of Disney casting call that you want to go after. We will go over the three types of Disney casting calls so that you can put your focus on one and start your career. Below are the three different kinds of Disney casting calls:

Disney Channel Casting Calls
One of the most sought after Disney casting calls is for TV shows on the Disney channel. When people are looking to get Disney Channel casting calls, they want to be on TV on one of the shows featured such as: Hannah Montana, Phineas and Ferb, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, or Shake It Up. Note that even some of the Disney casting calls that you attend today, the shows are not even airing yet. Disney is constantly producing new shows all the time so you may be at a Disney casting call for a show that is still in production. As one of the most wanted Disney casting calls, Disney Channel auditions are hard to come by. In order to snag one of these auditions, you must be constantly looking for these auditions because sometimes they are held without much advance notification. You can find Disney Channel casting calls by networking with people in the industry and you can get the inside scoop.

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Disney Movies Casting Calls
If you are looking for Disney movie casting calls, you may want to be on the search for voice-over casting calls. The trick to these casting calls is that most of the time it is not labeled as Disney because the branding itself will attract too many people to audition. Most of the time it will be just noted as a voice-over audition or a voice-over casting call instead of a Disney casting call. If you are trying to be in a live action Disney movie, then you will also have to attend a Disney casting call in person so that the casting directors can get a sense of how you are as an actor.

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Disney Park Casting Calls
The last type of casting calls is for the actual Disneyland Park or California Adventures park, along with Disney On Ice and other performances held. These also include the Disney Cruise ship casting calls. In order to land these casting calls, you must be in the vicinity of the actual location and may have to travel a bit to get these auditions. These auditions and casting calls are held more often and are generally easier to get.

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