Read this tutorial for tips on how to get into acting. First off, you must know that acting is not as easy as actors and actresses make them out to be. When you see Brad Pitt or Natalie Portman on the big screen, they make it look so effortlessly because of the years of training they have gone through. If you are an absolute beginner, follow these tips to help you acquire that skill. If you have some acting skills under your belt, it doesn’t hurt to brush up.

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How To Get Into Acting

  1. If you are in school, join your school’s drama or theatre club. Every major school has at least one theatre club. If you’re not in school, don’t fret, there are drama clubs you can join and also speech classes like Toastmasters. The key is to practice your speaking and enunciation skills.
  2. You’ll need as much acting skills as possible. Take an acting class or a few of them to get the hang of it. Join seminars or special events that teach acting. Acting is a skill that can be learned and not just something people are born with.
  3. Immerse yourself in the skill of acting. If you want to learn how to get into acting, you must make sacrifices to learn. Read book on acting and learn on your own.
  4. Grab the low hanging fruit first. If you are new to acting, it will be harder for you to land major roles than it is to be an extra. If you can’t get a role, don’t have too much pride that you can’t go for an extra role. Just being on the set can give you exposure and experience that other people with big egos will be missing out on.
  5. Networking is key. The way to get into the acting business and really know how to get into acting, is knowing how to network. You’ll need to meet the right people and know them in order for you to even land an audition. Knowing someone in a high place is already more than half the work. You’ve heard that most jobs are found through networking, well, acting is a job too.

How To Get Into Acting

Last but not least is the most important factor in your success in knowing how to get into acting – determination. Be persistence and never give up. Your dream of becoming an actor or actress must be a lifelong dream and something that you cannot give up on yourself about. There will be many times where you want to quit because you can’t land that role or you’re tired of trying.

The key to success is to bounce back from those failures. If you remember anything from this article on how to get into acting, remember to never give up. This is your only sure bet to get into acting.

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