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Posted on 05 February 2011

Find out how to score iCarly auditions and get a casting call on Nickelodeon. It could be you that is acting along side the character Carly Shay. Read more about how to land an iCarly audition.

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iCarly is one of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon. If you want to be an actress on iCarly like Miranda Cosgrove and be one of Carly’s pals. Her entourage includes her best friend Sam, her longtime pal and technical producer, Freddie, and her brother Spencer who is eccentric and a little weird. Miranda was lucky enough to headline her own Nick show called iCarly and you can be just as lucky too.

In order to land a coveted role on Nickelodeon like iCarly, you need to have some experience that will give you some background. Miranda Cosgrove, for example, starred in her first commercial when she was only 3 years old. When she was 9 years old, she got a role as a co-star in Drake & Josh. She also appeared in movies like School of Rock with Jack Black. So starting at a young age, she was already in front of the camera and used to the bright lights of a set.

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If you are not lucky enough to land a commercial at the tender age of 3 or star in any Nickelodeon shows, you still have a chance. You can get a lot of experience acting in school plays and attending your school drama class. Even if you like to act in front of your family, any experience is a good one. The key to landing a Nickelodeon casting call and an iCarly audition, is that you need to have the right opportunity to enter in.

Sometimes all it takes is an email that you send, a phone call, a form you fill out, or a face-to-face meeting with a casting director. The key is that you have to find the right people who can open doors for you. Keep this part in mind when you are looking for iCarly auditions. There are specific gatekeepers that can open windows of opportunity and make sure that you capitalize on those chances.

Keep your resume up to date and have a current headshot that you can give to casting directors at Nickelodeon. Your information is important to get you casted in iCarly auditions. Showing that you are capable of taking on a supporting role in a hit TV show or a major role is a big task to fill. You have to put your ego aside and show that you can do the work and put the hard work and effort into it. That is the most important aspect to know when going to iCarly auditions.

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