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Posted on 21 February 2011

You will need one of these music video auditions to get on a music video by top artists such as Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Antebellum. Read more about how to score one of these music video auditions.

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How To Score Music Video Auditions
There are generally three types of music video auditions that you can try out for depending on the music video. Some music videos will only need one type of these auditions or may not have any auditions at all. The three types of music video auditions are one for a dancers in the background of the music video, another for extra roles, and the last role is a coveted role as one of the main actors or actresses for the music video auditions.

Music Video Auditions for Dancers
If you have experience in dancing or have at least a background in a popular dance skill then you will want to go for this kind of auditions. Watch your favorite music video and you will see that there are at least a set of dancers in at least one scene of the music video. In order to score these music video auditions for dancers, you will have to try out in front of a dance instructor who will be teaching the dances to the finalists. Your ability to quickly learn steps and routines will advance you in the role of the music video audition. Sometimes there will be just one round of casting calls and sometimes there will be multiple rounds.

Extras for Music Video Auditions
Every music video will need extras in the background. These are usually paid on the spot and you will not need any skill whatsoever. The key is to being able to find these auditions and being the first one to audition. There is not much else to it. Usually extras are just used to fill the background scenes.

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Main Role in Music Video Auditions
The main roles for music video auditions are usually reserved for very attractive female or sometimes male counterparts. Depending on the song, they will also have normal looking people and just people off of the street. They sometimes want the girl next door look and it really depends on the type of music video. Do not sell yourself short if you do not fit in any of these molds. The great thing about music videos is that there are so many being produced everyday and so many different genres that you will eventually get something that you can work with.

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