100 A Common Contusion – 1564144

Posted on 11 January 2018

01-10-18 – Los Angeles, CA>San Diego, CA – : This film is a story about two businessmen, Arron and Brent, that just can’t seem to coordinate a meeting. However, with each missed connection, the realities of Arron and his wife Cassie’s marriage becomes more and more clear. Meanwhile, Brent’s hot temper and his wife Eva’s biting dissatisfaction with him bring the walls down around him. Arron is distracted and neurotic, which makes Cassie struggle between her responsibility with Arron and her love with her ex Don. Under the frustrating situation in work and family, the relationship between Arron and Brent becomes more intense. In the end, Cassie decides to stay with Arron and Arron finds the peace in his messy life. — Submit Yourself To This Role Now: Feature Film

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