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Posted on 16 May 2018

05-14-18 – Los Angeles, CA>San Diego, CA – Do you (or someone you know) have a major conflict with someone that’s holding you back? Do you need this conflict resolved ASAP, but don’t know how to fix things? Are you frustrated with your partner, children, parents, friends, co-workers, bosses, neighbors, but want to find a way to reconnect and start over?

A major television network is currently seeking couples, families, duos, co-workers, friends, roommates, and individuals for a groundbreaking, non-airing workshop. Selected candidates are PAID for their participation and will receive help and advice from distinguished professionals to resolve conflict in their lives.

– Are you experiencing postpartum depression, but your husband is making it worse?
– Did you get married, but your kids hate your husband’s kids?
– Have you lost weight, but your friends aren’t supporting you?
– Are your kids embarrassed that you use dating apps?
– Have you lost friendships because of the person you’re dating?
– Are you a grown kid who won’t leave your parents house?
– Does your boss constantly threaten to fire you, despite your hard work?
– Would you rather quit your job than put up with a frustrating coworker any longer?
– Did your family cut you out of the will?
– Do you need your roommates to move out, but don’t know how to tell them?
– Did you take a DNA test and find out your family’s been lying to you?
– Are you moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend but HATE their messiness, furniture, etc.? — Submit Yourself To This Role Now: Commercials

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