Posted on 30 September 2016

09-27-16 – Los Angeles, CA>San Diego, CA>Las Vegas, NV>Las Vegas, NV>Los Angeles, CA>San Diego, CA – This a coming of age film about five young kids who grow up together and the adversity they face growing up in a ever changing society. We need both male and female talents as co leads, and supporting talent, as well as background talent.

We want all ethnicities for this shoot. This film will show the talent as kids, then teens, and show them as adults. This project will be shot at a elementary school. Junior high school, and high school.

We need all types for this project:
Skateboarder kids
Hip hop kids
Athletic jock kids
Nerdy kids
Cheerleader types
Goth types
Model types
Preppy types

Talent will be compensated for their time, and a copy of the project for their use.

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