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Posted on 14 June 2018

06-13-18 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Anytown: Star athlete Hope Baker sports a 4.0 GPA and limitless potential. But when a boy she likes offers her one little pill to reduce the pain from a soccer injury, Hope makes a decision that rapidly transforms her dreams into an escalating nightmare. With her future at stake, will Hope get the help she needs before opioids destroy everything she cares about?

New Kid: the story of an immigrant family from a fictitious place called “Homeland.” When the family arrives in America, they discover a new culture and unexpected prejudice against Homelanders. This clever play has the Homelanders speaking English, and the Americans speak a made-up gibberish language, allowing the audience to understand what it is like to be overwhelmed by a new language and new customs. New Kid remains the Touring Theatre’s most successful program, addressing racism, prejudice, peer pressure, and conflict resolution. New Kid asks students to explore issues of: moving to a new place, being the outsider, making and keeping friends. New Kid is a excellent presentation for new student orientations, Back to School Nights, multi-cultural celebrations, conflict resolution programs, and school themes such as bullying, respect, and tolerance. — Submit Yourself To This Role Now: Live Event

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