Auditions for One-Act Plays Festival – 1571964

Posted on 16 May 2018

05-15-18 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Romance 101
Unlucky in love, Travis decides to learn from the ladies of the ROMANCE 101 book club. Join Patti, Meredith, Sally and Gladys as they teach young Travis a thing or two about Love and Romance.

Squirrel Tames Human
Chip has bet Junior a winter’s stash of acorns that he is the squirrel that knows how to train human behavior.

Free Pass
A widower in his late 60s meets a woman in her 40s at a hotel bar – is there love after the death of a loved one?

Foster parents meet with their social worker about issues with their foster son. The parents don’t share the same perspective, but important choices must be made.

Bug Rescuing
Joan joins Michael on his corporate retreat. How do a couple navigate their differences?

The Rub of the Green
After many years, a combat veteran goes to the only place that he can still be with his comrades.

The King
A late night backstage meeting – a Las Vegas Elvis impersonator meets someone who might just be the genuine article. — Submit Yourself To This Role Now: Live Event

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