CUFPs Spring Production Season Audition – 1412569

Posted on 28 February 2014

02-27-14 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Open auditions for Columbia students for CUFP’s Spring Production Season will take place on Sunday.

Please find descriptions of available roles along with shooting dates and the name of the director of each of the five productions below. Sides will be provided. Actors may bring a headshot and/or resume if they wish, but it is not required.

The Soul-Shattering Divinity of Lightness (Isabel Robinson): March 21-23
Logline: A young man being treated for schizophrenia falls in love with the girl of his dreams only to discover that he has imagined her.

The Date (Sarah Moors): March 21-23
Logline: A young woman reluctantly goes on a date only for things to go wrong when her friends unexpectedly show up.

Real World Syndrome (Yasmine Benabdallah): March 28-30
Logline: A news report about an institute created to treat patients who believe they are constantly followed by a camera crew. The film upsets the spectator’s vision of mental illness, setting a very fine limit between the real world, the characters’ illusions and those of the audience itself.

The Knights of Fifth Avenue (Lauren Brown): April 4-6
Logline: When Derek and Josephine get in to the party of a lifetime, Derek immediately finds “the one”–but doesn’t see what’s right in front of him.

Going Up ( Burak Azakoglu): April 4-6
Logline: Dan, a world-weary Columbia student meets the devil who is disguised as an investment banker. The devil (Ellington) takes Dan on a journey across the campus to convince him to do something interesting with his life. — Submit Yourself To This Role Now: Feature Film

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