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Posted on 21 October 2011

My Name is Sean, Im the guitarist for the band named Artemis Gone. We are currently looking for a DEDICATED musician to start a full time project with. It includes myself, and my girlfriend who sings. Our influences include, Slipknot Kittie Korn Rammstein Metallica Pantera Otep Evanessance Rob Zombie and System of a Down. back with some information about yourself and maybe we can start live in Galt California. This is a fairly new project, so if your interested in being creative let me know. We are fine with alchohol and you can be into 420 but please DONT BRING IT TO OUR HOUSE or let it affect your focus, that is THE MUSIC. Just thought i’d throw that out there ;p
Artemis is just beginning to blossom into its own. We have 12 songs in a ‘rough draft’ feeling, and are wanting around 7 plus a cover song before we start booking local shows. From there, the sky is the limit. Expect to play 3-4 shows a week once we get really get rolling. This IS OUR LIFE, if it is yours then you are right for this project.
If interested, back and please answer some of the questions so I get an idea how you are. How long have you been playing, who are your biggest influences, how far are you willing to go in your musical career. If you have a link to your facebook or myspace, please let us know so we can get a visual idea of who you are and see a little more of your personal side.
The type of Bass player we are LOOKING for: 20-29 years old, dedicated to a couple practices a week, open to new ideas and not afraid to try things. NO ATTITDUES OR EGOS. You come with an attitude and you will be out pretty quickly. Somebody that shows up on time and doesnt mind staying late. If you are at a BEGGINER bass level, you may not fit this band. Someone who is well in tuned with slap bass and finger/pick playing. Be around the intermediate level. I myself am not the best guitarist in the world, but I have been jamming in bands for 7+ years now, and have played about 50 local shows in my day, including venues like the boardwalk in orangevale. We are looking for CONFIDENCE. IMPORTANT: WE ARE CURRENTLY WITHOUT A PRACTICE SPACE. So you either need a pad to jam at, or we can plan a few nights at Sac rehearsal studios.
So obviously, if your 45 and into a ZZ top band, this ad is NOT for you, but if you sound like the individual I described, feel free to back. From there, we can exchange numbers and get the ball rolling. CHECK OUT A SAMPLER OF RIFFS, VOX, ETC AT:
back and we can get things going. If you have any videos of your playing skills is a definite plus!
Rock On,

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